Unlocking the Value of Your Home: Introducing Our New Automated Home Evaluation Tool

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Today, we’re thrilled to unveil a transformative feature that is set to revolutionize the way you view your property’s value: our automated property evaluation software. This innovative, free tool provides property owners with a rapid, accurate snapshot of their home’s market value.

Understanding the value of your property is not just about numbers; it’s about unlocking potential benefits and making informed decisions. Let’s explore why knowing your home value is crucial.

The Benefits of Knowing Your Property Value

  1. Equity Awareness: Understanding your home’s equity provides vital information for financial decisions like refinancing or securing a home equity loan. It empowers you to leverage your property’s worth effectively.
  2. Home Improvement Decisions: Knowing your home’s value is key when considering upgrades. It can help you know what major renovations and additions you can do without exceeding the typical market value in your neighborhood, ensuring you don’t overinvest.
  3. Wealth Management Insight: An accurate home value plays a significant role in your overall financial health. It aids your financial advisor in crafting a comprehensive retirement plan, considering your property’s equity or potential sale proceeds.
  4. Property Tax Assessments: Understanding your home’s market value can be a reality check against your property tax assessments, ensuring you’re not overpaying compared to your neighbors and other similar homes.
  5. Insurance Coverage Adequacy: Knowing the current value of your home is critical in determining if your insurance coverage is sufficient to protect your property in case of unforeseen circumstances. Not having enough insurance coverage means your insurance company may not fully pay for the replacement of your home, leaving you with a large out of pocket expense.
  6. Selling and Future Planning: Knowing your home’s current value is crucial for future real estate endeavors. It helps you gauge how much you can afford when looking for a new home, ensuring you’re financially prepared and aware of your budget. This insight can be a game-changer in planning your next move, whether you’re upsizing, downsizing, or simply relocating.

Your Property Value May Not Be 100% Accurate

How We Compute the Value
Our tool gathers data from various sources, including property characteristics from your town/city tax assessors office as well as past listing information. It also considers recent sales data in the area.

The Snapshot Nature of Home Valuations
The value provided is a snapshot, reflecting data that might not always be up-to-date or fully comprehensive. Changes in the real estate market, economical, governmental factors, and unrecorded property changes can lead to variations in the estimated value.

Other data points that are not always considered in the home valuation snap shot include:

  • Neighbors property proximity and condition
  • Negative abutting property types (train tracks, transfer stations, highways, swamps)
  • Positive abutting property types (conservation land, waterways, area attractions)
  • Views and scenery (high mountain views, water views)
  • Future growth potential (subdividable land, framed unfinished rooms, basements to be finished)
  • Commuter location
  • House styles (Raised Ranch vs Ranch)
  • Buyer Demand for specific features (Garages, pools, fenced yard, flat land, entertainment spaces)
  • Missing core property features for area (Garages in Northeast, pools in the South)

All of these data points can affect your property value and are difficult for an automated value software to determine.

Personalizing the Property Valuation Information
You have the ability to update and correct property data, ensuring the valuation truly reflects your home’s current state. You can also make requests and we can assist in making these adjustments for a more accurate estimate. All of this can be done in the Home Valuation Dashboard.

The Most Accurate Valuation

While our automated tool provides a quick estimate, the most reliable valuation comes from a comprehensive evaluation by one of our professional real estate agents. Once an appointment is set, they will meet with you and tour the inside and outside of your property. Not only will they be able to pick up on the unique features of your property, they will also consider the hard to see data points listed above, the current buyer market conditions, and your specific situation to deliver an accurate and personalized value assessment.


Final Thoughts

Understanding your home’s value is akin to knowing your credit score – it’s a crucial piece of financial knowledge that prepares you for future decisions and opportunities. Our automated home evaluation tool is the first step and an easy way to stay informed, but for the most precise understanding, our team is ready to provide a full property and market evaluation.

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Homes and Credit Score

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